Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Use Twitter to Promote Your Cause to Fight Cancer

This Twitter feed has been up and running since November. We have made some great connections and have close to 600 followers at this point. It is great to see all the people and groups that are formed to help rid the world of this terrible disease.

The one area we have struggled in, however, is getting daily sponsors of the site. For those of you not familiar with our plan, here is how it works.

First, a person or organization agrees to sponsor @abolishcancer for ONE day. During that day we, along with the sponsor, encourage new followers to our site. For that ONE day, for every new follower to @abolishcancer, the sponsor agrees to pay $1 to a CANCER FIGHTING CHARITY of THEIR choice. (could be THON, Alexslemonade, American Cancer Society, etc). So far, most daily sponsors are getting around 50 new followers, and therefore $50 donated to their cause.

We don't handle any money, the sponsor is responsible for following through to make the doanation. Lastly, this is a geat opportunity to get some PR for your group or cause. During the entire day of your sponsorship, we will tweet about you, and your cause. That means 600 more people becoming aware of what you are doing and helping to support you as well.

So, let's get some sponsors and get more followers so we can all see the value of pulling people together for a common cause to @abolishcancer.

Tweet me at @Abolishcancer or email at for more info.

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