Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today Provides Hope

Today Provides Hope

@Bradenshope is why we are thankful today. Thankful to have been touched by a story of a mom, her family, and in particular, her 5 year old son Braden.

We became introduced to Braden back in the winter when we picked up some of his mom’s tweets at @Bradenshope. Actually, Braden’s mom, Deliece was introduced to us by her good friend Christine @PiedPiperInKC who shared the story of a 5 year old boy suffering from Neuroblastoma cancer and his mom suffering from breast cancer. (they are so united in this fight they even started their chemo on the same day)

Once you get to know the family, you realize that, in their eyes, they’re not suffering, they are FIGHTING. Fighting to beat this disease, as a son, as a mom, as a family. What Deliece and Braden have also done is to inspire others. Check out this great story on Braden and his fight……..,0,3141281.story

We are so inspired that we wanted to raise awareness and $ today for Braden and his family. Then came along John Gallagher. John is the CEO of MAPA Imports, LLC which is a family-owned business that produces and distributes Del Prado Gourmet Nectars. (Check out all the great variety of products that Del Prado offers here). A key part of John’s business focuses on social responsibility as an organization. Mapa Imports believes all businesses, no matter the size, have an obligation to contribute to charities to help others in need. With that philosophy in mind, it was a natural connection between John @delprado and @abolishcancer.

Thanks to the generosity of @delprado, for every new follower of @abolishcancer on Friday, May 21, 2010, @delprado agrees to pay $1 to the charity supporting Braden and his family.

Just think, by simply having a Twitter account and following @abolishcancer, you are helping to bring awareness and money to fight cancer. Neuroblastoma is a dreadful disease, and so is breast cancer. We feel that it’s our role as citizens of the world to unite as one to put an end to cancer once and for all. That can only happen with your help. Please follow our cause, send a tweet out in support and get others actively involved in the fight.

We truly believe the power of the people can unite to @abolishcancer. Since November, this Twitter site, with the generous support of our sponsors, and the dedication of our followers has raised over $10,000 to fight cancer….. just by Tweeting.

The power of one can make a difference and the power of hope can lead to recovery and victory in the fight against cancer. Thank you, followers, for your commitment to our cause, and thank you Braden (& mom) for providing us hope. (follow Braden's fight here)

Let’s Do It….. @abolishcancer

Darah Bonham

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