Tuesday, November 3, 2009

$104 raised in 1st week. Who's Next?

Thanks to Michael Scher (@michaelscher) for sponsoring our feed on Nov 2. We received 14 new followers and for every new follower for that day, Michael agreed to write a check to the American Cancer Society for $14.

This twitter account (and idea) has been up now for just over a week and our results so far are:

Sponsor Amount
Darah Bonham (me) $25
@irishchari $65
@michalescher $14

For grand total of $104. Nothing earthshatering but its a start. Think what we can do if we get sponsors every day.

please pass on the word and have anyone interested tweet me @Abolishcancer or emial at helpabolishcancer@gmail.com

keep up the fight to cure cancer

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