Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Purpose

We all realize that cancer is a killer and has impacted way too many lives. This site is designed to bring together individuals who want to do their part to help find a cure for this disease. We've created this "platform" to let anyone sponsor our @abolishcancer twitter site, and in return, agree to donate $1 for every new follower that day.

We have had 4 sponsors in the two weeks since we started this campaign raising a total of $131 that the sponsor agrees to pay to the American Cancer Society. Think about what might happen if this takes off. Each day we get 50 or so new followers, which not only means $50 more dollars to the ACS, but also means our followers grow. As our followership grows, our voice will spread and more people will get involved. In addition to getting more followers, whoever sponsors for that day will get more "press" as we spread the word about their contribution.

What would be our ultimate goal? 1,000,000 followers? How about a concerted effort from the "power of the crowd" to win the battle against this disease and abolishcancer.

This is a grassroots movement that will only thrive on the viral spread of our followers and sponsors. Lets make this viral spread a positive one. Any efforts, on your behalf, to spread the word are greatly appreciated.

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