Thursday, October 21, 2010

Celebrity Sisters Erin Andrews & Kendra Andrews Team Up With @BeatProstate to Abolish Prostate Cancer

Friday, October 22, 2010 brings another exciting opportunity to raise awareness & $ to @abolishcancer. Today we host a Twitterthon with celebrity sisters @ErinAndrews and Kendra Andrews (@KendraAndrews1) to fight prostate cancer. We are fortunate to have the support today from a sponsor that is “in the fight” to attack prostate cancer, a cancer that one in six men will face in their lifetime.

Almost the day we began looking for a sponsor, Todd from RC Cancer Centers found us on Twitter and was looking for a way to get the word out about these great new video testimonies he had recently filmed. It’s a great story about how their project came together and the videos themselves help educate and inspire men to “Beat Prostate Cancer“. Here’s a montage of several of the men’s stories:

We are thankful for the work that @BeatProstate does, including raising awareness and early detection for men. They are instrumental in the advancement of modern medical procedures to promote less invasive prostate treatments.

Today, for every new follower of @abolishcancer, @BeatProstate agrees to donate $1 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation (@PCFScience) to fight this disease. (up to 2,500)

#TeamAndrews Joins the Fight

We are also fortunate today to partner with @ErinAndrews and @KendraAndrews1 in this fight. Prostate cancer hit home last year when their father, Steve Andrews, was diagnosed with this disease. Fortunate for the sisters, their dad was able to treat the disease early and become a cancer survivor. Both daughters understand the importance of early detection for men and are thankful their father was able to tackle this disease before it spread.

“My Dad and best friend, Steve, is my rock and the center of my universe. I felt the whole world crumble when he told me he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. But we are so very fortunate that the doctors caught it early and that he was able to proceed with surgery. We got the greatest news in the world when we were told he now has a clean bill of health. We are passionate about raising awareness and funds for prostate cancer and research so that we may help others fight the fight!! Daddy, you are so loved and this is for you..." - Kendra Andrews

Erin Andrews was equally as appreciative that early detection played a role in her Dad’s treatment….

“I will never forget the night my parents called me and told me my Dad had prostate cancer. I thank God the doctors caught it early enough, he was able to have surgery, and rid himself of this disease. There are too many people that aren't as fortunate as my family. We want to raise awareness of this cancer, in honor of our Dad and best friend Steve Andrews.” - Erin Andrews

The Andrews’ story emphasizes not only the need for early detection, but also the fact that cancer can impact all of us, at any time. We are grateful for the Andrews sisters and @BeatProstate to share their stories and partner with us today as we look to raise more awareness and funds to tackle this disease.

At @abolishcancer, you, the follower, have helped us raise over $27,500 for various cancer charities JUST BY FOLLOWING AND TWEETING through our Twitterthons. We are assembling a global community of cancer fighters with one goal in mind… @abolishcancer.

Join us today in the fight. Be a follower, but also be a leader... in helping to spread our message. We start the day with 29,230 followers.

“Power of the People, through Twitter, to @abolishcancer”

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  1. I have a question in mind. How does a man know if he already has prostate cancer? is there a possible cure for it?