Saturday, February 5, 2011

An AMAZING Day of Tweeting to Abolish Childhood Cancer

Just over 24 hours ago we kicked off our Twitterthon with
@THON hoping to raise a great deal of awareness and $ for this great student-led philanthropic organization based out of Penn State University. What we received in return far exceeded our expectations.

If you are familiar with our Twitterthons, you realize that we get sponsors to donate $1 for every new follower we receive that all goes (100%) to a particular cancer charity or organization on a given day. We worked previously with @THON last January (see previous post) and knew that Friday's Twitterthon would have an incredible amount of support. And it did......
  • 4,000 followers in less than 8 hours= $4,000 donated to @THON
  • over 6,500 new followers of @abolishcancer
  • over 1,000 web site hits of AC linking THON story
  • record setting 8 hours to complete Twitterthon
  • 600 new followers in first 4 hours, over 3,000 in the next four~from 11a.m. to 2:30p.m.
  • thousands of tweets and retweets throughout the day
  • numerous celebrity tweets of support
While the statistics of yesterday's Twitterthon were impressive, nothing can describe the passion and energy for which everyone tweeted and retweeted our partnership with @THON. As early as 6a.m. we began to tweet about seeking followers and immediately our community of supporters began to assist. We knew that @THON would bring an army of Penn State University students and alum on board in a tweeting frenzy and they did not disappoint. The Penn State community was buzzing.

Not only did the @THON contingent embrace the campaign but a unique synergy occurred as @abolishcancer followers connected with PSU students in support of a common cause. In the end, the money is always important, but what was more important, as exemplified in yesterday's Twitterthon, was the collaborative effort by cancer fighters across the globe to raise awareness in the fight vs childhood cancer.

All along, this has been our motto, "Power of the People, to UNITE, in the Fight to AbolishCancer!" We believe that the great things that cancer fighting groups like @THON are achieving shouldn't be in isolation from all of the other groups, organizations, and people who are fighting cancer in their own separate ways. Social media has provided a means for all of us to join forces and connect~ a true "global community".

We are also grateful for our celebrity followers and tweeters who helped our awareness campaign yesterday. The following is a brief list of those who helped spread the word~ as indicated by their Twitter handles...

We are certain we missed some influential tweeters (our apologies) but yesterday's tweets were coming at a furious pace and often hard to keep up with. Our many thanks to all those influential supporters of our movement and their support for @THON.

We would also like to thank all of the @THON Captains and organizers for helping to secure yesterday's sponsor, Real Christian Business Associates, especially @PatHowley and @JonyLaura for their support.

What's Next?
Our Twitterthons will continue and we are always looking to partner with cancer charities and donors willing to get involved. We also have an exciting announcement coming up soon for an April campaign that includes a new celebrity spokesperson for our movement. We are growing as an organization and looking for financial partners as we expand the abolishcancer movement. If interested, shoot us an email at

"Power of the People, To Unite In The Fight, To @abolishcancer"

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