Monday, February 15, 2010

Sponsor on Tuesday

We have a new sponsor for Tuesday, Feb 16, --Andrea Miller. (@spareohhs on Twitter) Andrea just graduated from Penn State in December and fell in love with THON while she was there. Witnessing THON inspired and motivated her to be more active in the community. Andrea is donating to THON because no child should ever have to experience cancer.

For every new follower of @abolishcancer on Tuesday, Feb 16, Andrea agrees to donate $1 to @THON in support of their effort to fight pediatric cancer. Andrea agrees to sponsor up to 200 new followers for the cause. The day starts with 2,655 followers.

@abolishcancer collects no money. We are the communicator. We help connect people who want to help rid the world of cancer with great groups and organizations doing the work. The best thing about our Twitter feed is that not only are we getting more money through sponsorships to fight cancer but we are adding to our base of followers which means more PR and awareness for so many great causes to @abolishcancer. Twitter is also a great platform to help a message go viral and create mass awareness.

One way everyone could help today is to get more non-followers on board with our cause. If you can get an influential person who has many followers to tweet about our cause- even better. Help us spread the word.

Through Twitter, we are starting a global revolution to raise money and awareness to @abolishcancer. Help support our sponsor, Andrea Miller and @THON throughout the day.

Our previous contributors are as follows:

@sj214 (Michele Jakoboski) $200
@PatHowley $1734
@EnglandinVa $56
@debbiegannon $27
@michaelscher $14
@irishchari $65
@darahbonham $25

Total of over $2,100 just for Tweeting!

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