Sunday, February 21, 2010

Power of the People

Where do we go from here? Our brief connection with the great people at @THON is over (for now) but the enthusiasm is not. It was great to learn of the great work done through the students and alum at Penn State University who’s 2010 campaign concluded this weekend with a 46 hour dance marathon and the unveiling of the total sum raised throughout the year of 7.8 million dollars. So impressive. We were so connected with the group and supportive of their efforts that we decided to keep them as the beneficiary for any sponsors we had through the month of February. While we now begin to support other cancer fighting groups across the globe, this is only the beginning.

In a conversation with a future sponsor, we discussed how @abolishcancer was not about supporting just one organization then having a whole new set of followers for the next, but was more about the collaborative and competitive nature of groups supporting each other over time. You see, if we treat @THON’s accomplishments as a stand-alone fundraiser, independent of the overall main cause of ending cancer, then we have simply put hard working groups back within their own four walls fighting the battle in isolation. @THON was not a one time event that ended in the minds of @abolishcancer. It’s the opening act, a tremendous collection of passion and energy that doesn’t need to rest within the halls of the Bryce Jordan Center but rather be built upon by the next group trying to accomplish the same goal.

Now is the time where the energy and passion of @THON can be captured and capitalized for the next cancer fighting group. When @abolishcancer begins to promote the next cancer fighting group, think how advantageous it will be to have the energy and passion of THON followers behind their cause. And then, a whole new army of cancer fighters will be on board for the next group, supporting each other along the way, in the quest to bring as much awareness and $ to end this disease.

Image the possibilities, months from now, when 3,000 followers turn into 5, 10, even 20,000 individuals, groups and businesses all committed to the same worthy cause. We at @abolishcancer cherish every partnership we form and value all the hard work and dedication people put in to fight this battle. We also see the great opportunity in joining forces, not to outdo each other, but to collectively fight the battle that must go on until cancer has been stopped.

@abolishcancer never collects any money. We are simply the intermediary, striving to create awareness and financial support for groups fighting cancer. Our goal is to collectively pull the talent and resources behind a true global revolution to end this disease once and for all.

This is a war on cancer and we need all hands on deck to win. But we at @abolishcancer believe that it’s not a matter of “if” but “when”. Looking forward to the next offensive.

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  1. Awesome post. I was introduced to @abolishcancer through my love for and involvement in THON. The commitment that @abolishcancer has to support those who are actively fighting the war is both admirable and inspirational. I look forward to following this initiative and spreading the word.

  2. Liz, thanks for your post and your following of our site. I firmly believe that people like yourself, united together, are the keys to turning cancer into a disease of the past. THON is such an amazing organization and I know that we can use the synergy and enthusiasm from this past weekend's events to start a global revolution to @abolishcancer.