Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Global Revolution

We are so thrilled to have gained some inertia since we started our Twitter feed in November. While it started off slow, our February partnership with @THON and brief brush with a viral explosion and has helped us gain several thousand followers, all with the intent of fighting cancer.

Certain people we follow, like @LaylaGrace, provide even more inspiration to us and our continued fight to @abolishcancer. How can you not be moved by a mom, and a family’s emotional journey as their daughter battles a life-threatening illness?

We are pleased that we landed our first business sponsor. @delprado, has agreed to be a daily sponsor for a day in March (not yet announced) and will certainly provide a great deal of awareness and money to help support a soon-to-be named cancer fighting charity. Businesses like @delprado show that it’s not always about the bottom line; it’s also about having a social responsibility to give back.

We are encouraged that businesses will see our twitter feed as an opportunity to donate, in a unique way, to a cancer fighting charity of choice, and raise a great deal of awareness in the process. The sponsor also gets a steady stream of positive PR with everyone’s tweets.

As a reminder of how our site works, we solicit individuals or businesses to sponsor our site for one day. For every new follower @abolishcancer gets during that day, the sponsor agrees to pay $1 to a cancer fighting charity of choice. @abolishcancer collects no money; we are simply the messenger with the hope of growing a base of cancer fighters from around the world. We also will support partial sponsors for a charity, in other words, up to a certain number of followers, i.e. 200.

We are most excited that as more sponsors jump on board, more followers will connect, and we will begin to create an army of people dedicated to one cause- to @abolishcancer.

Please help share our plan with others and feel free to email us with ideas at

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