Wednesday, March 17, 2010

People Can Make a Difference at Any Age

Received an email several weeks ago from a high school student wanting to know how @abolishcancer worked. Turns out that the emailer, Brian Raczynski, was inquiring about becoming a sponsor for our site. Brian mentioned he was impressed with our partnership with @THON and wanted to somehow get involved.

Brian Raczynski, is 17 years old, and attends Springfield High School (Delco) as a junior. He's a normal high school student raising money for pediatric cancer, and hopes to one day abolish it. This is his third year participating in his school's Steve Stefani Dance Marathon. Over the years he has personally raised about 600 dollars, along with all his hard work involved with the events.

On Thursday, March 18, Brian agrees to donate $1 to the cancer fighting charity listed below for every new follower of @abolishcancer. (up to 100 followers) We begin the day with 3,010 followers.

Springfield High School (Delco) is holding its 8th annual Steve Stefani Dance Marathon this Friday, March 19th. As a Mini-Thon, they dance for 15 hours, running from 6 pm Friday, until 9 am Saturday. The past two years they have been the number one Mini-Thon in the state, and hope to make that three years in a row this Friday. Last year, they raised an unprecedented $110,336 for the Hershey Medical Center’s Four Diamonds Fund. Dance Marathon is the largest club at SHS, this year with about 500 students dancing. All year long, they have events of all sorts, raffles, canning events, and donations flying in through the mail. All of which they, the students run themselves, with the help of the director John Gildea. Springfield High School's Dance Marathon is named after the teacher Mr. Steve Stefani who inspired this great event. He worked at SHS for over 30 years and passed away from lung cnacer in June of 2002. SHS hosted the first ever Steve Stefani Dance Marathon in 2003, where they raised $11,617.00, and after 7 years, this number has amazingly raised to last years total of 110,336.85. Over the past seven years, they have raised a total of $353,019.60 all for The Four Diamonds Fund. Their motto- We dance For The Kids!

@Brian_Aurelioand can be reached at this Twitter address and his charity can be accessed from their website. They also have a live feed of their Dance Marathon for this Friday and Saturday, which can be found on

Join Brian in his quest to make a difference and prove that one person can have an impact to help @abolishcancer. Thanks Brian.

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