Thursday, December 16, 2010

#TeamMilano Joins Forces For A Twitterthon

Today, Friday, December 17, 2010, @abolishcancer hosts another Twitterthon to support a charity in the fight to end cancer.

For every new follower today of @abolishcancer, @delprado agrees to pay $1 towards the Right Action for Women: A Christina Applegate Foundation to support women in the fight against breast cancer.

@Delprado agrees to donate up to $5,000. We are also very fortunate to team up with celebrity Alyssa Milano in our Twitterthon to assist in raising more awareness for such an important cause.


@abolishcancer was started in November 2009 by Darah Bonham who combined his interest in social media and charitable work to create a site that supported cancer charities. Darah created the “twitterthon” which not only raised funds for cancer charities but also created awareness through the extensive tweeting that occurs through one of his sponsored events. Twitterthons combine celebrity support, a generous sponsor, and thousands of tweeters and followers that support cancer charities in their work. Since @abolishcancer started in November of 2009, over $36,000 has been raised for various cancer charities, all BY TWEETING.

@abolishcancer has been fortunate to partner with some great celebrity support for our twitterthons with individuals such as Shannon Tweed, Dina Manzo, Michael Smith, Erin Andrews, Kendra Andrews, Jeri Ryan and Alyssa Milano. It proves that so many are passionate about the need to abolish cancer no matter their age, race, income or gender. We feel at @abolishcancer that social media is providing a platform for a global community to unite in the fight to end cancer.

Friday’s Twitterthon

Our Twitterthon will kick off at 6 a.m. on Friday, December 17 (eastern time) and will run until @abolishcancer has received 5,000 new followers, or until midnight. Each new follower of @abolishcancer = $1 to Christina Applegate’s Foundation. We are not only grateful for @

delprado’s sponsorship of our Twitterthon but the thousands of individuals who will tweet and follow throughout the day to bring more awareness for such a great cause. Alyssa Milano has been so wonderful to assist us with some of the tweeting to get our message out and she had the following to say about the partnership…..

“I’ve been touched by the numerous stories of friends, family, and acquaintances that have been impacted by cancer. It's important that we support the charities that are doing so much to help with research to find a cure. It's time we unite to end cancer”… Alyssa Milano

The Charity

The Right Action for Women: A Christina Applegate Foundation was created by Christina Applegate in 2008 shortly after she received her breast cancer diagnosis. In partnership with the Entertainment Industry Foundation, the organization provides aid to women who are at an increased risk of breast cancer. It’s a wonderful charity and does so much in the fight vs. cancer. We encourage you to check out Christina’s charity by clicking on the link above and get involved in their work.

Our Sponsor

We also owe so much gratitude and thanks to @delprado, our sponsor. John Gallagher, the CEO of MAPA Imports, LLC has taken on social responsibility as a business owner to donate over $25,000 through our Twitterthons to support various cancer charities. Its unselfish acts such as that of John and @delprado that affirm our belief that we will one day win this battle vs cancer.

John and Mapa Imports have channeled their passions to help others through causes such as their commitment to fighting cancer, helping the children in Peru and assisting local charities in the San Francisco Bay Area. John explained his and his wife’s passion to help others like this….

“To make a long story short we both feel that helping the families/causes such as BradensHope, Project Ladybug, VT Relay, Rally4Cancer(Shannon Tweed) and others gives us a chance to further demonstrate a very basic premise that businesses fail to see: Any company be it Fortune 500 or small like ours is in the "business" to serve people. Beyond our belief of Social Responsibility, one can never turn away from others in need. " Great Deeds are accomplished by a collective Empathetic Heart without conscious expectations." Flora Chiari(my grandmother)”

We are so grateful for individuals like John Gallagher, Alyssa Milano, and Christina Applegate who prove the value in helping others outweighs any personal gains for oneself.

Today we start the day with 36,008 followers. We hope all those involved in today’s Twitterthon take it upon themselves to make abolishing cancer a priority. As we say in our slogan…. “Power of the People….Through Twitter….to @abolishcancer”!

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