Thursday, June 17, 2010

Looking to Lift Up Ellie

Tonight we were fortunate to have Dayna Chiplin (@Daynastunts on Twitter) agree to sponsor our site for the next 1,250 followers until we reached 15,000 followers. Dayna's sponsorship will go towards 8 yr old Ellie (@LiftUpEllie) on Twitter who is fighting rhabdomyosarcoma cancer. (PLease follow & support Ellie & her family here For each new follower we get, Dayna would pay $1 towards Ellie which means a grand total of $1,250 all by tweeting and following.

Dayna is founder and instructor of New Zealand Stunt School and New Zealand's top female Stunt Performer and Fight Choreographer for the past 13 years. She is mother of 2 kids my boy Trae 9 years old and Girl Kaiya 6 years old and wife to Scott Chiplin.

Fighting cancer is important for Dayna for she feels her kids are so important and she couldn't imagine families loosing kids to cancer. As Dayna points out "I have been fighting in make believe all my life on film and now want to fight for something in real life worth fighting for. Child Cancer has always been something I have always followed and been emotional towards.
I always tell my self: "I fight for what I believe and if I get knocked down it will only make me get up and Fight twice as strong"
I will be pushing it were ever I can, I have magazine articles and TV interviews coming up and will help this way were ever I can."

We are extremely thankful for Dayna's generosity this evening in helping to raise not only $ but also awareness for childhood cancer. We hope just a little bit can help families and kids like Ellie end this horrible disease some day.

"Power of the People, through Twitter, to @abolishcancer!"


  1. I did my student ambassadorship in New Zealand and was really adopted by the country. I am not shocked to learn that you are a Kiwi, as I found New Zealand to be one of the kindest, most loving countries I've ever had the privilege of being in. You are exemplifying that kindness beautifully. LiveStrong.

  2. Hello. I just found your website tonight. Next time you have a sponsor shoot me a message on twitter @postsecrets and I will do some tweets. I have 20000 followers.