Friday, June 4, 2010

Teaming Up With Shannon Tweed to Abolishcancer

@delprado is back to help join forces with @shannonleetweed , @RallyForKids and @abolishcancer .

A week or so ago we connected with @ShannonleeTweed about her recent push to get donations for the @RallyForKids event. This is a great cause to support the fight vs pediatric cancer and has events planned in various cities across the US (check them out here).

Shannon agreed to have us help her raise awareness for the event by trying to secure a sponsor. After several days pounding the Twitter pavement, we had many inquiries but no takers on sponsoring for a day. Then we received an email from our good friend and supporter, @delprado. John Gallagher, the CEO of MAPA Imports, LLC told me that he was game to sponsor and help out another great cause fighting cancer.

John ( is no stranger to helping abolishcancer. Just 2 weeks ago, John agreed to sponsor our site to support a 5yr old boy, Braden, and his mom who are BOTH fighting cancer. (follow them at @Bradenshope). At the end of the day, with thousands of tweets, @abolishcancer had 3,226 new followers, which meant $3,226, all donated by @delprado to Braden and his mom. Not only that, But John sponsored our site several months ago helping to support @VTRelay.

All total, John @delprado has already contributed over $4,300 towards supporting @abolishcancer and helping to end this dreadful disease. Today he takes on the challenge of supporting @ShannonleeTweed and @RallyforKids.

So here is how it works “For every new follower today of @abolishcancer, @Delprado agrees to donate $1 to support @ShannonleeTweed's @RallyForKids campaign”

We start the day with 9,389 followers. How great is that- by simply following you can help fight and ABOLISH this disease. We need tweeters and tweets today, let's get this message to go viral!

Thanks to John, to Shannon and to you for fighting the fight.

“Power of the People, through Twitter, to @abolishcancer”

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