Sunday, June 6, 2010

We Want To Change The World, & You Are Helping Us Do It

Friday, June 4 was another amazing day with our familiar sponsors, @delprado. Once again, with their help, we raised $3,681 to support Shannon Tweed's @RallyForKids campaign. The amazing thing was, this was all done by getting new followers to @abolishcancer, for which Delprado agreed to pay $1 for each new person who "clicked" the follow button of our Twitter feed.

Who would have thought that we would be able to help fight cancer, simply by tweeting? At one point, prior to the midnight EST deadline, the mentioning of our campaign was so viral that it was difficult to keep up with all the tweets. Many influential people and celebrities helped our cause with tweets including Alyssa Milano, Russell Crowe, Erin Andrews, UK Coach Calipari, Nate Berkus, Anna Trebunskaya, Jessie Camacho, Julie Benz, Ben Lyons, Jason Kennedy, "Dog", Craig Bierko, Tina Stull, Alex McCord, Loni Love, & Victor Oliveira- just to name just a few.

But the power of the day started with our sponsor, and was fueled throughout by our followers who constantly tweeted to get others on board in our quest for more followers & $ to RallyForKids.

So what's next? We feel that we have started something special, an opportunity to get a global community involved in the fight against cancer. Obviously, the most critical part of how we operate is to get sponsors. Each day we seek a sponsor that agrees to pay $1 for every new follower @abolishcancer gets. I'm sure businesses and individuals don't like the uncertainty of the possibilities of how much they MIGHT have to pay given the viral implications of a tweeting explosion. Heck, one tweet by @Aplusk (with 5 million followers) could send a sponsor commitment to 5 figures. But the reality is, that to get over 3,000 new followers, which Delprado has helped us do the last two sponsorships, you have to generate double that many tweets about the cause.

Just think, as a business, you could have a viral message relayed to tens of thousands of viewers for a few thousand dollars worth of a donation. More importantly, the reason for the sponsorship is the cause. So many great cancer groups and organizations, we could if we got sponsors for each of the 365 days in a year.

So far @abolishcancer has raised over $11,000 by simply getting people to follow us on Twitter. Our largest sponsors so far are Delprado, who has donated over $8,000 themselves for three separate sponsorships, and Pat Howley, who helped us raise $1,734 for PSU's @THON campaign.

We are excited about our past success and even more so by the opportunities for the future. We have a dream that our global community will grow to millions with our sponsorships as well, to make a difference in this war, and to @abolishcancer one and for all.

Contact us at to get more information on how you can become a sponsor.

"Power of the People, through Twitter, to @abolishcancer"

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