Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fighting Childhood Cancer

Will OPRAH highlight childhood cancer as part of #Oprah25?

Many of you are aware that this is Oprah’s last season on air after 25 unbelievable years. As her farewell season begins, we are hoping to land a moment of her time to focus on pediatric cancer.

How? Well, first of all, our wonderful friends at @delprado have agreed to sponsor another Twitterthon with us at @abolishcancer for an upcoming day. (A Twitterthon is when a sponsor agrees to pay $1 for each new follower of @abolishcancer over a 24 hour period to a cancer fighting charity of choice.) We want to gain the attention of Oprah by connecting with the show’s Executive Producer, Sheri Salata, (@SheriSalata on Twitter). @Delprado agrees to sponsor a Twitterthon with us IF @SheriSalata follows both @abolishcancer AND @Delprado.

The point of having Sheri Salata following us is to accomplish our second goal, --- to get exposure for all the children and families who are battling cancer on a national level. Feeds on Twitter such as @Bradenshope, @LiftUpEllie, @LaylaGrace, @brittmerrick and @Aprayerforasher all represent kids who either have cancer or passed away with cancer. Sadly there are hundreds more that could fill up this blog who have been impacted by cancer. We want to give these children and all families hope.

So what can we do? Well, ask @SheriSalata to follow @abolishcancer and @delprado so we can have a Twitterthon and raise awareness for childhood cancer AND hope that we can get the attention of influential individuals to shine a huge spotlight on pediatric cancer on the Oprah show in its last season. Heck if friends on Facebook can get Saturday Night Live to agree to have Betty White as host, why can't we have Oprah do a show on pediatric cancers?

What do we have to lose? Nothing really, just a little time tweeting. What can we gain? A great platform both on Twitter and perhaps national television to help abolish this dreadful disease that needs to be abolished.

Help spread the word and remember that anything is possible!
“Power of the People, through Twitter, to @abolishcancer”

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  1. I have been following quitely for awhile not by this is to important not to follow loudly! Rhabdomyosarcoma is horrilbe and almost killed my baby boy. thank you for getting the word out!
    mom to Zach Stage 4 group 4 ERMS