Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today We Fight For 46 Mommas & The Children They Represent

Today we have the fortune of having another Twitterthon at @abolishcancer. If you are unfamiliar with Twitterthons, basically we get someone to sponsor our site for a day, and with every new follower we receive, $1 goes to a cancer charity. This allows us to not only raise money in the fight but to also send out hundreds, if not thousands of tweets to also raise awareness.

Today Debra Goldberg, @Goldie22 on Twitter, agrees to donate $1 for every new follower of @abolishcancer to @46mommas, a wonderful cancer-fighting group. The day starts with 17,410 followers.

A little about @46Mommas( )from one of the mommas herself, Karla Knudson

"Tiffany Beamer started a group on the People Against Childhood Cancer Website to talk about her idea of getting 46Mommas to shave their heads for the St.Baldrick's FoundationThe original members of 46Mommas we're all members of PAC2 - a grassroots organization of parents & other supporters -- a clearinghouse of resources, accurate info, contact info for appropriate legislators, childhood cancer awareness events, etc. With about 25 mommas or so to start, we began reaching out to individual circles. Eventually we had all 46 - the number chosen because 46 children are diagnosed each weekday in the US with some type of cancer. We started raising funds with just an idea! We were all confident the details would fall into place! We began fundraising across the nation in our own communities, and had made $80,000 before we even had a venue finalized!! Much of our success has to do with the wonderful logo and web-identity created for our team by one of the Mommas, Heide Randall. We have a lofty goal of $1million -- but we are confident and Hopeful that we WILL BE HEARD! Awareness of pediatric cancer is the most important goal -- we KNOW the money will come, because---AWARENESS leads to FUNDING leads to RESEARCH leads to CURES! (this is the mantra of PAC2)

We consider our shaving event at Hollywood & Highland to be the KICK OFF event to the '46Mommas Shave for the Brave' Campaign! There's already a 2011 team gearing up!

During our 'planning phase' a friend of Momma Mimi Avery, approached her with the idea of having our team on the Stand to Cancer Telethon. The friend happened to be one of the @SU2C producers... and that is how we happened to be invited! We are likely to appear early on in the broadcast, and probably just for a short stint -- but the amount of NATIONAL AWARENESS for childhood cancer will be amazing! We can't divulge too many details about our appearance due to production being 'flexible,' but we are totally PYSCHED for the opportunity!”

Watch the video below to see the beautiful faces of the children that 46Mommas fights for, every day.

Now, a little info about our sponsor, Debra Goldberg, @Goldie22 on Twitter, who agrees to pay $1 for every new follower we receive today (up to 3,000) all out of her own pocket, to help end this disease.

Debra explains below why she is so involved in this fight…..

In January 2004 I received a call at work, “mom has cancer”. Unknown primary, metastatic, squamous cell carcinoma of the head & neck. In a split second your whole world changes. My mom, sense of humor sharp, intelligent, she was a warrior never giving up. Before this happened she was helping my dad with his prostate cancer. It was time my dad started to take care of my mom. 19 months later, September 15, 2005 cancer beat my mother. Then four years later, on October 24, 2009 metastatic prostate cancer beat my father.

Cancer is a devastating disease, yes what a cliché. But more often that not they become clichés because it is true. Cancer does not care if you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Atheist. Cancer does not care if you are young, old, black, white or orange. In 1971 President Nixon declared a war on cancer. We have had several other wars since then, but this battle keeps raging on. We need to win this war and win it now.

I did not only lose my mother (65 yrs old) and my father (74 yrs old), I have lost my best friends. I remember the good times, the laughs and how lucky I was to have them as my parents. I also remember all the heartache, tears and anger I have felt in the past few years and still sting now. People say in time it will be better. No, time makes the pain easier, but it never goes away.

Go ahead; ask me if I would change anything about my life. No, not one second, because if I did, I would not have had the time I did with my mom and dad. No, not one second because I would not be the person I am today. “

It is evident from the words of Debra that her passion is to end this disease, and today she helps fight that battle by supporting a great group in @46mommas.

So….”for every new follower today of @abolishcancer, @Goldie22 agrees to pay $1 to @46mommas to help end this disease.

Better watch out cancer, we are coming after YOU!

“Power of the People”, through Twitter, to @abolishcancer!


  1. thanks for your support of the 46 moms

  2. I was able to attend the "Brave the Shave" event at Hollywood and Highland Center.
    Here is a video montage of the photos I took...