Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Micro Twitterthons in February

(Update: as of 1/29/11 we have 5 commitments of $500 for the month. We have 15 left)

Our profile on Twitter has stated that we hope to have a Twitterthon every day of the week to support the numerous cancer charities doing the great work to help end cancer. In the past, we have required a minimum sponsor donation of $2,500 for a Twitterthon to occur because of the viral nature of the word spreading amongst followers, celebrities, etc, on Twitter.

We realize that a $2,500 donation is difficult to make for many people so for the month of February,we have decided to create "Micro Twitterthons" in the amount of $500 for the purpose of getting more cancer charities involved with our work.

So.....in the month of February, we are seeking a $500 sponsors for various cancer charities and organizations FOR EACH WEEKDAY through the month. We will allow the sponsor ($500 donor) the opportunity to pick the cancer charity of choice with $1 for every new follower of @abolishcancer on that given day, going towards the charity. There are 20 total workdays in February so if we can get a commitment of $500 for each of those days, we will have raised an additional $10,000 for various cancer charities in one month alone....by tweeting

We will still continue our large Twitterthons, but feel a smaller micro version may help more along the way towards a cure. Already, you have helped us raise more than $43,000 for various cancer charities BY TWEETING. Imagine the possibilities if we get a sponsor a day for 2011?

We will reserve February "micro" dates on a first come, first serve basis and you can secure yours by email at bonham.darah@gmail.com

"Power of the People, Through Twitter, to @abolishcancer"

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