Sunday, January 23, 2011

Take the Vow....A United Front To Abolish Cancer

Someone asked us recently...."What specific cancer charity to you support?" Our response....."ALL OF THEM!"

While the answer seemed to puzzle the questioner, the methodology is fairly simple.....We will accomplish more as a united front, then we will in isolation. This is the basic premise of our site, our movement=> we support ALL cancer charities, organizations, mom & pop fund raisers, cancer survivors, cancer fighters, and those fighting for a cure.

This is what makes our movement critical to finding an end to cancer. Uniting all cancer fighting groups for the purpose of a cure is long overdue. We aren't suggesting that this hasn't been done or isn't currently existing within other organizations. We realize, however, that far too many great organizations need support and could become even more powerful working together.

Our movement started with Twitterthons, and continues to raise $ and awareness for cancer charities in this fashion. (Over $43,000 raised so far by Tweeting and Following). We also see a community coming together, on Twitter no less, to share stories and assist each other in the fight.

We have some exciting plans "in the works" for the future to help raise even more awareness but in the meantime we count on you, our followers, to spread the word, to spread the movement. There is power in numbers and the more we enlist the more we can grow our united front. While we refrain from referring to this as a war, the reality is that we need a large army to be on the same page to continue to make change happen.

Not lost on the power of large numbers is the power of the individual. We think each of our followers, whether it be a charity, celebrity, or small town teenager, have the ability to make change. The @abolishcancer movement is an example of one person's passion to make positive change in the battle to end cancer.

We vow that every day we will tweet, connect, raise a $, or somehow do something positive to unite more in our movement to end cancer. We ask that you take the same vow, enlist a friend or neighbor, and watch a movement grow into a cancer fighting machine.

Contact us at to partner.

"Power of the People, Through Twitter, To @abolishcancer"

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