Wednesday, January 5, 2011

SPOTLIGHT Cancer Charity of the Day- The Fly Foundation

The FLY Foundation was established by Julia Saulino and her husband, Peter Saulino. Julia was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in July 2010 at age 29. In an effort to help other young adults in their community, Julia & Peter established the FLY Foundation in December 2010. Julia's personal journey is documented on her blog, adjusting the sails...

The FLY Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, providing support to young adults in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, aged 19-39, who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Their web site describes why they focus on young adults….

“Many non-profit organizations exist to provide support to younger and older cancer patients, neglecting the small population of young adults battling cancer on their own. Young adults are braving those formidable years as they enter adulthood, when most pursue education, start a career and possibly a family. Many young adults diagnosed with cancer go through it alone, without a spouse or the support of parents. Most do not yet have the financial freedom necessary to take the required time away from work, while juggling the financial obligations of cancer treatment, prescriptions, living expenses, and even college 

We hope you will find out more about the great things that The Fly Foundation is doing on their web site at or contact them by email at

About @abolishcancer

@abolishcancer was started in November 2009 by Darah Bonham who combined his interest in social media and charitable work to create a site that supported cancer charities. Darah created the “twitterthon” which not only raised funds for cancer charities but also created awareness through the extensive tweeting that occurs through one of his sponsored events. Twitterthons combine celebrity support, a generous sponsor, and thousands of tweeters and followers that support cancer charities in their work. Since @abolishcancer started in November of 2009, over $43,000 has been raised for various cancer charities, all BY TWEETING.

@abolishcancer has been fortunate to partner with some great celebrity support for our twitterthons with individuals such as Shannon Tweed, Dina Manzo, Michael Smith, Erin Andrews, Kendra Andrews, Jeri Ryan and Alyssa Milano. Over 125 influential people and celebrities are followers of our movement. It proves that so many are passionate about the need to abolish cancer no matter their age, race, income or gender. We feel at @abolishcancer that social media is providing a platform for a global community to unite in the fight to end cancer. If interested in a partnership, contact

“Power of the People, Through Twitter, to @abolishcancer”

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  1. I just wanted to thank-you from the bottom of my heart for all you are doing, and to add that the days I am not on here trying to help its due to my own illness. I first had cancer at age19 and was never able to have children. I lost my husband 13monts ago on the 3rd to leukemia and almost all my family have passed from some kind of cancer most lung, or prostate oh and one to brain, it is a horrible disease and we must rid the world of it!
    Thank-you & God Bless!